The “New” Black Tea – Keemun Congou

Unsuspecting tea lovers

Unsuspecting tea lovers

Black tea lovers come in all shapes and sizes. They may not even be aware they are a black tea lovers, simply that they love refreshing iced tea, or breakfast hot tea with milk and sugar. You might imagine that one black tea tastes like another but with a bit of investigation you can see there is a vast array of flavors available to black tea lovers.

Hence I present to you for your black tea experience. Chinese Black Keemun Congou “the New Black Tea”. I say “new” because Keemun is relatively unknown to the western tea drinker. Much more familiar names would be Assam, or Darjeeling or a English Breakfast Blend. But did you know that the very earliest of breakfast blends were made with one part Assam, one part Darjeeling and one part Chinese Keemun.  These days Chinese Keemun Congou is a tea meant to be enjoyed unblended, and what a unique flavor it has.

Chinese have traditionally preferred to drink green or oolong tea over black teas, but lately a “new generation of tea drinkers” has emerged with a passion for black tea.

Next Generation of Tea drinkers

Next Generation of Tea drinkers

The Chinese use a lighter touch when oxidizing their blacks teas as opposed to the richness of Indian Black tea. The effect is a more elegant, fragrant, soft-style tea. The appearance of small thin slightly twisted leaves that are naturally sweet and refreshing characterize the best Keemun teas.

Keemun “Congou” or “Kung Fu”  is to indicate the delicate care and skilled hand that produced this particular Keemun. It is special and so it is Keemun Congou, grade.

Tea lovers cup

Tea lovers cup

If you are new to this tea experience I recommend it highly. You might discover you too are a black tea lover.


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