Summer Cooling Tea

The recent soaring temperatures are a sure indicator that summer is in full swing!  Running for cover in your air-conditioned home will surely cool you off, but it won’t protect you from dehydration. The summer heat alone can easily strip us of much-needed hydration through excessive perspiration. Effects from dehydration can be severe.  For overall health, we need to drink plenty of fluid to replace any that is lost from sweating.

An excellent way to keep hydrated during these warm months is to keep a cold pitcher of iced tea always available.  
Iced Tea Tips:

It’s easy to make a pitcher of iced tea, in tandem with your morning tea or coffee. Just use the same kettle of hot water,  add to your iced tea blend and voila!

Strain as usual and keep chilled.

Add sweetener if you choose while the tea is brewing hot. The sweetener will melt and dissolve much easier when hot.

To avoid a sweetener try iced tea blends that have dried fruit and flowers, this will satisfy the sweetness while still refreshing you.

Want to avoid extra caffeine, try a loose leaf herbal blend same as you would brew regular iced tea, and drink it without worry by the gallons.

Here are some of my favorite summer blends, all fantastically refreshing iced teas, full-bodied flavor and strong enough to hold up to lots of ice.

Moroccan Mint

Rubeus Africana

After Moon Peaches


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